Mogo Candle Co

Handcrafted with Love

Welcome to Mogo Candle Co. Our family candle company was established in 1999. Since 2009 we have been making candles right here in the Mogo region. We create a range of elegantly amber candles, wax melts, soap and resin dominos. Our natural wax blend is unique, and uses soy, coconut and unrefined local beeswax. The blend is our tightly guarded secret.

Our studio, located at Bimbimbie (near Mogo), was destroyed by the Black Summer Bushfires on New Years Eve 2019. We have endured the loss of our neighbours homes, damage to our own personal home and destruction of the beautiful native animals that used to live on our property… kangaroos, echidnas and kookaburras. Lost. Our rural area was hit by the firestorm twice that fateful day and we lost many of the 100 year old trees on our property. Not one tree was left unburned.

It has been 2 years of recovery and we still continue.

Our family business is rising from the ashes. Our artisan candle labels pay tribute to the beautiful native Australian trees that we have lost, the very same trees that feed the bees that make the bees wax that goes into our unique wax blend.

Our resin dominos are created using the tiny flowers gathered and dried from our property and from the Mogo Village. Little flowers of regrowth after such severe destruction. The dominos also incorporate small pieces of sea growth from areas along our coastline where the bushfires headed to the ocean and stopped at the waters edge.

When you purchase from Mogo Candle Co, you are not only supporting our family business you are also supporting our local bee keeper. We both are proud to wear the Australian Made logo on our products.

We hope you enjoy every moment of peaceful relaxation and joy our candles can bring.

Thank you,
Theresa & Mogo Candle Co Team